Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

If you don't believe in me, then how can I, Dad? And who else would do that?

Senin, 27 Mei 2013

So this time, I really gotta learn to accept things. Being a failure is a part of a great story, huh? Well, at least I'm not going through this alone. Makasih, Tuhan Yesus, buat temen-temennya. Bantu Yoan buat SBMPTN & semua ujian mandiri yang bakal Yoan jalanin ya.

Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Di saat lo harus ngambil keputusan yang bener-bener penting.
Di saat lo dipaksa untuk ngambil keputusan itu secara cepet.
Di saat lo ngerasa keberuntungan nggak lagi ada di pihak lo.
Rasanya pengen salto.

Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

"Look, you don't wanna tell me what's wrong? Fine. I don't need to know. But you can never stop me from trying to cheer you up."
- Ted Mosby to Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 12
Have you ever felt like turning back time to fix your mistakes? I do now. I have mistakes, just like all people do. But it seems like they're getting more and more. And there are too many of them. If only I could put the whole wrong puzzles into the right places.
Sometimes things people find fun to do are just not the right things. Nggak selamanya apa yang dilakuin sama orang lain harus kita lakuin juga kan. It's not that I'm such a hypocrite for not doing bad things. Tapi menurut gue, ngerugiin orang lain itu so out of line dan nggak seharusnya diikutin.

Senin, 20 Mei 2013

Because one does not simply forget huge mistakes even one.

Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

'I love you. Don't hate me.' So you're acting cute again.

Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Glory Glory Manchester United

So after the legend, Sir Alexander Ferguson, and then Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney is going, too. No, United's not gonna go down.

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Buat siapa pun kalian yang udah kasih Nyumnyum, danke schön ya. Mek, Vin, Mo, dan siapa pun, makasih.
I hate my body. I hate the fact that I'm getting fatter and fatter day after day. And I hate the fact that not eating is f*cking depressing. Screw you, people who say, "I don't care about physical appearance." Because I do. I do mind about this.

Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

So Happy I Could Die?

Glad to say gue lagi ada di posisi di mana gue bisa ngerasa happy most of the time. Not that I don't feel sad or mad at all. Ada masanya gue ngerasa bete banget sama orang. Ngerasa pengen nangis. Tapi nggak bertahan lama. Denger lagu dikit, happy lagi. Ah cinta banget sama moment-moment kaya gini.

Trying to remember all the sad times I've gone through. Gila. Hard times emang don't last ya. People move on with their life. Leaving all problems behind. Being happy with all they got. Pokoknya seneng deh. Makasih, Tuhan Yesus.