Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Best Friends

well, these are the people who I share my experiences with. my JHS mates. I MISS THEM SO MUCH :'( I used to tell them about anything directly. but now? I cant. we're in different schools. I may be able to talk to them but via messenger and I hate that. I wish I could be in the same school with them again...or at least I have one like them in my high school.



just wanna say that......................................my blog's such a trash. I dont know why but others' are much better than mine. sucks.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Just Read

Okay I just wanna tell you IF you wanna see the photos when I was hanging around with my Christian community, just click here and here. Thanks ;) xoxo


Junior High School Oh Junior High School

okay let's just get to the point. I MISS MY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL A LOT!

last Sunday, after going to the Church, I went around my JHS building. believe it or not, I did cry. I almost teared a tear. gosh, I really wish I could go back to those sweet moments with my super sweet friends. I dont hate my high school but it's just I havent enjoyed it so much. people say that high school moment will be the best moment you have but why cant I feel so?

I think it's the right time to go back to the past. see what I've done in my JHS that makes me miss JHS so much.

7th grade...
I did my first school orientation. that was the 1st time I felt what it is like being snapped. my seniors shouted. they asked me to close my eyes. I know it was scary but I just miss that time.
I wore my blue skirt uniform for the first time and I felt like "gosh! it's so cool!". I went into my class room, saw new friends. and I can still remember my first physics lesson wasnt going so well hahaha
I had my first futsal extracurricular. I remember my dad didnt allow me but I was so stubborn that I didnt obey him. I love playing with my friends. I used to go to school every Saturday to did that. I miss it :(
I joined the school organization and I was so excited!

8th grade...
The first time I became a senior in my JHS. I wasnt the junior anymore. I have juniors. I gave the school orientation to my juniors. they were cute. they still wore their elementary school uniform. I was in trouble when my friends snapped my juniors. the teachers didnt like it. I know it was sucks, but can I feel it again in my high school?
The first time I know my seniors closely. we talked. we were at the same table while break time. and you know what? this was the first time I knew "him" :)
I could go the canteen without feeling scared anymore.
The first time I could enjoy my class in JHS and the first time I could be in the 3rd place in my class. oh I miss that time.

9th grade...
Yes, I was the senior. I didnt have any senior anymore. They were graduated. I could do anything I want.
I met my Besthing for the first time :') I had my fun times with them. I did a lot of crazy things with them. we had a "friend" called Nana, we did the yearbook photo sessions twice while the other classes once, we celebrated our teacher's birthday, and we even made our own farewell party. oh God, I wish I could have a class that at least similar to Besthing ;(
I did my first national exam. I was also in the 2nd place in my class. I dont think I can do it anymore *sigh*

I did a lot of stuffs in my JHS. too much too tell. if only I could turn back time. ah......................I know it's impossible but at least I wish I could enjoy my SHS like I did in JHS. God, please answer my prayer. amen.


hold My Hand And I Will Trust You

Boys Become Men When They...

To be honest, these are so sweet. I just wish somebody would treat me that way and I believe that one day, somebody will. I hope it's you...................................................the one I love.

"He's annoying, he's hilarious, he's the world's biggest asshole, he makes me want to scream, he ruins my day and saves it at the last minute, he drives me crazy, he's out of his mind, I hate his guts, and he's everything I want."